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About Ferrets


Everything You Need to Know About Ferrets

Totally Ferret is your go-to resource for all things related to ferrets! Explore this page, as well as the other pages on our site, to get more helpful information about ferrets, their needs, health, diet and care.


Ferret Behavior

Smart and inquisitive, ferrets love to play with toys, people, other ferrets and other pets alike! While ferrets typically climb, burrow, chew and explore, they can also:

  • Be trained to learn a variety of tricks or behaviors (including how to use a litter box)
  • Have a number of other individual characteristics that are unique to their personalities.


Ferret Habitat

In the wild, ferrets tend to burrow in tunnels dug by other animals (like prairie dogs). To create a welcoming ferret habitat at home, place small, enclosed boxes within well-ventilated, multi-level ferret cages.


Other helpful tips for creating the ideal ferret habitat at home include to:

  • Keep ferrets in areas that are between 50˚ and 80˚ F (their ideal temperature range)
  • Let ferrets out of cages so they play – in a ferret-proof area of your home – for at least 4 hours every day
  • Give them toys and soft things they can chew on to keep them occupied and entertained.


Ferret Diet

A nutritious, well-balanced diet can go a long way to keeping a ferret active, happy and health! Find out more about the best diets for ferrets, based on age, activity levels and other important factors.

Ferret Health

The proper diet, activity levels, maintenance and medical care are essential to promoting optimal health in ferrets – and to minimizing their risk of developing common health problems (like adrenal cancer and distemper, for instance).


Ferret As Pets

Ferrets are wonderful pets that can bond quickly with owners, families and other pets. Here’s some useful advice about how to ferret-proof your home and care for ferrets as pets.


Why We Love Ferrets

At Totally Ferret, we love ferrets for so many reasons! Not only are ferrets cute, cuddly, affectionate creatures, they are also intelligent, inquisitive, and trainable. Here’s more on why we love ferrets, followed by some fun facts that can enhance your knowledge and appreciation of ferrets.


Ferret FAQs

Do you need more answers about ferrets? If so, these FAQs provide helpful information about the needs, care and behaviors of ferrets.


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