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Ferret Habitat


Ferret Habitat

Ferrets are active, playful creatures that can thrive in apartments and larger homes alike. Although some owners may let their pet ferrets freely roam around their homes, it’s generally recommended that ferrets are:

  • Kept in multi-level cages
  • Let out of their cages for at least 4 hours daily to play
  • Supervised during playtimes (especially when ferrets are being introduced to new space(s), people and/or other new pets for the first time)
  • Kept in ferret-proofed areas of the home to keep the ferret safe and prevent unnecessary damage to your home and/or the treasured items in it (here are tips on how to ferret-proof your home).


Ferrets’ Natural Habitat

Understanding ferrets’ natural habitat can help owners be aware of the best ways to create a welcoming, comfortable living space for pet ferrets at home.


In the wild, ferrets live in grassy plains, usually making their homes in tunnels that have been dug by other creatures (like prairie dogs). Generally, ferrets take over these tunnels after preying on the animals that have dug them (because ferrets themselves are not very good diggers).


This essentially means that ferrets tend to burrow in enclosed, cozy spaces, especially when it’s time to sleep (an activity that occupies at least 14 to 18 hours of a ferret’s day).




How to Create a Habitat for Ferrets at Home

For pet ferrets, the best habitats will be large, well-ventilated wire cages that allow ferrets to run, climb and burrow. Some items that are useful (and recommended) to put in cages for ferrets include (but may not be limited to):

  • Soft bedding and/or towels
  • Hammocks
  • A small enclosed space (like a little wooden hut) where ferrets can burrow and sleep
  • Toys (including chew toys)
  • Litter boxes (with paper- or wood-based litter pellets)
  • A sipper bottle for water
  • A heavy ceramic bowl for food (heavy enough that ferrets cannot pick it up and tip it over).


Ferret Habitats: More Important Information

  • Where to keep cages – Ferret cages can be kept indoors or outdoors, with the ideal temperature range for ferrets being 50˚ to 80˚F. Ferrets cannot tolerate temperatures exceeding 85˚ F. If ferret cages are kept outdoors, they should be placed in the shade (to prevent heat exhaustion), and they may need to be moved indoors in the winter time (if you live in a region that experiences winter snow or freezing temperatures).
  • Cleaning cages – Ferret cages (and the bedding in them) should generally be cleaned at least once per week. This will eliminate the buildup of any musky odor and promote good hygiene (and health) in ferrets.



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