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We care about your ferrets’ wellbeing.

Ferret Behavior

Ferrets love to chew, burrow, tunnel, climb and investigate. They tend to be active around dawn and dusk and usually sleep 14 to 18 hours per day.

Ferret Habitat

In the wild, ferrets usually live in grassy, plains regions, making homes in tunnels. For domesticated ferrets, good habitats include multi-level cages or enclosed, well-ventilated spaces.

Ferret Diet

A healthy diet for a ferret will be rich in protein and fat (and low in carbs). Here’s more on the best diets for ferrets, based on age, activity levels and other factors.

Ferret Health

Healthy ferrets have lifespans of 7 to 10 years. There are, however, some distinct health problems that can affect ferrets.

Ferret As Pets

Ferrets are wonderful pets that can quickly form bonds with owners (and other pets). Here’s more on how to care for ferrets as pets (& ferret-proof your home).

Why We Love Ferrets

Ferrets are smart, curious, fun and playful! Those are just some of the reasons why we love ferrets. Here are a few more.

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