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Ferrets As Pets

Ferrets as Pets

ferret-loungingFerrets can be wonderful pets for people of any age! Playful, curious and intelligent, ferrets tend to form quick bonds with owners and other pets, making a great addition to any family.


How to Make Your Home Safe for Ferrets

Ferret-proofing your home is important to keeping your ferret safe and healthy (and to preventing damage to your home).

Here are some helpful tips to follow when you are ready to make your home safe for a pet ferret:

  • Dedicate a space in your home for your ferret – This can be a single room or a special area where you keep your ferret’s cage. Ferrets tend to back into corners to evacuate their bowels and bladders, so keep your ferret’s litter box in corners (of cages or rooms) with solid walls behind them. This will provide comfort for your ferret (and for you!).
  • Cover any holes (bigger than about 1 to 2 cm in diameter) that a ferret could crawl through or burrow into – This should include any ‘gaps’ between appliances and walls.
  • Remove any cords or soft items from the ferret’s space – Ferrets like to chew, and they will gnaw on any soft wood, plastic or rubber items left around.
  • Remove any fragile items from the ferret’s space – Ferrets also like to investigate and climb around, which can mean they pull on things, knock stuff over, etc.
  • Seal off stairways – Use a piece of board or plexiglass that is at least 3 feet high to prevent ferrets from making their way up (or down) stairs.
  • Use childproof cabinet locks – If your ferret will be in a space where there are cupboards (and you don’t want your ferret getting into them), secure the cupboards with childproof locks. This can be especially important if cabinets contain toxic products (like cleansers, for instance).
  • Watch your ferret – When letting your ferret play in a new area for the first time, keep an eye on him or her. The chances are that your ferret will find items, holes, etc. that you may have overlooked (or that you didn’t think would be an issue).
  • Keep emergency vet numbers on hand, easily accessible – This will be important in case of an emergency (like if or when your ferret gets into something potentially toxic or harmful).



Caring for Pet Ferrets

Once your home is ferret-proofed, you’ll be ready to bring your new ferret home and start bonding with (and caring for) your new ferret! Here are some helpful tips for caring for pet ferrets:

  • Feeding ferrets – Ferrets need protein-rich, high-fat, low-carbohydrate diets. A ferret’s age and activity levels can make certain formulations better than others. Totally Ferret offers a variety of well-balanced nutritional food options (and supplements) for ferrets of all ages.
  • Grooming ferrets – In general, it’s recommended that ferrets are bathed about once every few months and that their ears are cleaned at least twice a month. Regularly grooming ferrets can reduce any musk and promote a ferret’s good health.
  • Taking care of ferrets’ medical needs – As with any pet, ferrets require some medical care from a vet to promote good health and a long life. In general, medical needs for ferrets can include (and aren’t necessarily limited to):
    • Neutering/spaying ferrets – This is crucial to limiting the risk of future health issues (such as infections, blood disorders, etc.). Typically, neutering and spaying for ferrets occurs at very early ages. Please be aware that domestic ferrets (i.e., those intended to be pets) are usually spayed/neutered by reputable breeders.
    • Vaccinating ferrets – Ferrets require vaccinations for distemper and rabies. While the first set of vaccines should be given to ferrets within 6 to 8 weeks of birth, follow-up boosters will also be necessary (within and after the first year of life).



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